It truly is my privilege to be part of Cancertacular.  As we get better acquainted, you will come to know that I can be quite a force to reckon with.  I am proud to say that I had a hand in developing every part of this village.  It is my sincere wish that at least one moment of your day is brightened by visiting this sight.

When I believe in something, I will not rest until magic is made.  You see, I am a survivor. In July 2016, God willing, I will have the honor of being a 28 year cancer survivor.  Of course, I have faced adversity.  Long ago, I learned that I had an important choice to make.  So do you!  You can either stand up to make a difference or sit down to let life pass you by.  Will you stand with me?

Fabulously yours,

Founder and Board President
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1. Tell your friends about us and what we do.

2. Volunteer at an event, or work behind the scenes with us.

3. Place a canister at a local store. We’ll send you our logo!

4. Have a bake sale. It’s a yummy way to do a great thing!

5. Un-clutter your stuff, sell it on e-bay or at a garage sale. Donate to Cancertacular!

6. The United States Government has the power to change or make laws to help Childhood Cancer. Write to the President or your Congressional Representative. Look for them at www.congress.org.

7. Share your story about how cancer has changed your life. E-mail us at info@cancertacular.org.

8. Keep us on our toes. E-mail us with questions or suggestions. You are the reason why we’re here!

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10. Browse our site to learn more about Childhood and Young Adult Cancers. While you’re visiting, sign the petitions to let your voice be heard!
Use your imagination. There are endless possibilities! You can make a difference!
"If you can't feed 100 people, feed just one."  - Mother Theresa

Over time we have grown and evolved and realized that not only do we have the desire to serve more children, the children that we currently serve deserve that opportunity.  Unequivocally, the children that are currently served by Cancertacular have battled with every fiber of their being.  As such, they deserve to be rewarded.  However, that same battle, has given them an arsenal with which to give back.  So, how do you do that?  Start with the basic necessities, like food.  We partnered with local school administration to identify families in need.   In May of 2016 Cancertacular's Kids Helping Kids program made it's first delivery to 8 families.  We provide a box of nonperishable foods meeting the state requirements.  Donations are made by the local community at numerous drop off points.  In it's short time, this program has already encouraged kids in the community to help give back by donating.  The number of families has since grown to 11, which we will continue to serve throughout summer 2016.  This pilot program included 1 school district.  We hope to expand.
Kids Helping Kids
We've done our very best to help the fight against childhood cancer in NEPA, but there's still more to be done.  Here's a glimpse of our bucket list!

1. Increase and expand advocacy for childhood cancer.

2. Expand Kids Helping Kids:  We hope to expand our base of operation in order to encompass more school districts and feed more hungry families.

3. Corporate Car:  This will allow us to provide transportation for hospital and home visits, chemo treatments and respite care.... and of course occasional ice cream trips.

4. Jenny's Closet:  This is a tribute to an amazing young girl, Jennifer Crawford, who lost her battle with childhood cancer at the age of 4 in 1988.  Jenny's 'closet' will be a collection of essential needs items ranging from food and clothing to personal hygiene supplies and basic household needs. 

5. Free Standing Office:  The ultimate golden getaway.  Our dream is that this structure will house not only our corporate offices but also self improvement classes, support groups, Jenny's Closet.  Not only do we understand, but we have truly experienced the fact that after a pediatric cancer diagnosis your world changes.  Friends don't know what to say.  Family doesn't know how to react.  Children, siblings, and parents feel lonely.  This golden getaway will bridge the gap and hopefully alleviate that burden.