Golden Children Bios
Zachary Adamsky

Zackary Robert Adamsky entered this world on October 14, 2005, as the precious son of Andrea and Wally Adamsky. Zack was born with a wisdom wise beyond his years, and subsequently faced health problems that no adult could soldier through more valiantly. Zack was diagnosed with Costello Syndrome in 2006. Costello’s is a multiple congenital malformation. Only 300 people in the world have Costello’s. As a result, Zack was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma of the abdomen and lung on May 9, 2007. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation at A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, DE. He spent the last 18 months of his life there, except for three short weeks, when he was able to come home to NEPA. Of course, Zack was the ambassador of AI. His smile warmed the hearts of all who knew him, especially his family, including his Gigi and wonderful godmother, godfather, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And, his doctors - Dr. Thomas, Dr. Powell, Dr. Walter, Dr. Strasser, and Dr. Baffa. Also, his nurses, the child life staff, his therapists, other warriors who crossed his path, and friends from Northeast PA to South Delaware. You get the picture - “Zackie” was an amazing person.

Zack loved to roam the halls of AI with his mom in his wagon or Zackmobile. He also adored Spongebob. Lots of other people knew Zack was amazing, and wanted even more people to know, too. So, Zack was honored by many organizations, from Jermyn to Wilmington, including Ride 4 Diane and The B+ Foundation: LiveLikeAndrew. He is also featured on the cover of a publication by Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The Candlelighters visited Zack each week with new balloons, and he had a string of “Beads of Courage” that may in fact span the distance between Jermyn and Wilmington! Zack was honored at Cancerpalooza 20, sponsored by Cancertacular™, summer of 2008 at Montdale Country Club as an extraordinary survivor.

Zack earned his angel wings on September 29, 2008. His family continues to B+ and FROG - Fully Rely On God.
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Mason Dantone

Mason Dantone made his worldly debut on January 22, 2004. Mason’s weekdays are spent sharpening his already stellar social and scholastic skills at The Bear Creek Charter School. His downtime is spent at home in Luzerne County, with his beloved family.  Mason's tumor was discovered in the fall of 2007.  Excruciating belly pain caused a visit to the ER, and a quick helicopter ride to Danville. The tumor was removed on October 31, 2007. Mason had several months of chemotherapy, conquering each visit clad in his Spiderman costume. He retired the costume when he rang the “last chemo” bell at Janet Weiss in Spring 2008. Why? “Because my battle is won.”

Mason’s oncologist is Dr. Jeff Taylor and still returns to Janey Weiss Children's Hospital for checkups.  Cancertacular™ is honored to call Mason as our First Golden Child. We know that success lies in all of Mason’s future endeavors. His smile is infectious and the window to a spectacular soul!

Emily Donovan, Forever 4
"So hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember."

Emily is the baby of the family , the third child born to Joe and Janet.  She joined big brother Eric and big sister Elizabeth on August 24, 2006.  They were happy and healthy and life was good, until that day.  On May 5, 2008 it was discovered that Emily had a very large brain tumor that indeed was cancerous, Medulloblastoma.  At 20 months old she had to fight for her life, spending the majority of that life at Janet Weiss Children's Hospital in Danville.  Emily went through numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and countless blood transfusions-all with an infectious smile and vigor for life.  She fought a courageous battle and that ended on September 17, 2010.  Emily loved Elmo, her Mickey Mouse pillow, going to church, dancing, and of course Mountain Dew and pepperoni.  Don't judge, chemo does odd things to your taste buds.  She had a certain sass to her but hey, to fight cancer you need it.  She may not have won her battle with cancer, but she fought like a champ!  Now an angel looking down, don't be surprised to see her twinkle in the sky....

Jonathan Alfredo Cardona

Jonathan is one of 5 siblings, the second youngest.  Alfredo and Eneida Lugo-Cardona made their home in Luzerne County.  Jonathan has 4 sisters - Jocelyn, Jasmine, Julianna, and Janessa.  He is a student at Wyoming Valley West and loves sports - football, basketball, soccer.  He also loves tacos and playing video games.  Sounds pretty average, right?  Absolutely, but Jonathan is also a leukemia survivor.  He was diagnosed at age 3 and treated at Janet Weiss Children's Hospital in Danville, PA.  He has endured chemo, spinal taps, infections, and more.  Jonathan enjoys life and is pure joy to be around.  He relishes good times and makes them count.  Jonathan was born on March 16, 2005.  He turned 11 this year.  He is a proud survivor, and looks forward to many more healthy happy years!

Emalee Kate Kachurka

Emalee made the world a little brighter when she was born on April 19, 2007.  Tara and Todd doubled their daughters when Emalee joined big sister Kaylee.  Em's blond hair and blue eyes shine brightly near her home in Columbia County.  She like to be busy, and when you have the pleasure of being with her, she makes sure you are, too. Emalee just finished 3rd grade, and is a Neuroblastoma survivor.  Emalee was diagnosed on February 7, 2010 and initially treated at Janet Weis Children's Hospital.  Todd and Tara followed their instincts and sought treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  There, Dr. LaQuaglia performed risky surgery that saved Em's life and made her cancer free.  Emalee makes the best of life, will not settle for mediocrity and, along with prayer, we believe that is why she is kicking Neuroblastoma's booty!
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